Long Trip

I’m inside the jeepney, on my way home and I’m kind of bored. So I decided to write about how I travel home from work.

I walked 10-15 mins. from my work building to Paradise and took a jeepney to hi-way Mandaue. Walking is fun! Y(^_^)Y Haha! If is not that far, not raining and I have someone to talk to. So, I was fine walking today.

I arrived in Mandaue and waited for a couple of minutes for another jeepney ride going home. Thanks to Ed for the company. ∩__∩ It wasn’t traffic but heavy rain poured when my ride was  somewhere  in Parkmall. Travel took a while so I started this post
and was thinking of what to make for dinner.

At Tamiya, was raining very hard. Had to stop writing, I mean typing. O_o I waited for a tricycle for years. Gosh! Took way too long and I was starving. GRRR…

After 48 years. →_→ In the tricycle now, my last ride home. Left work at 7.15PM, arrive home 9.15PM. What a night! I am almost at my doorstep, bye for now.



12 thoughts on “Long Trip

      1. mao ra. not unless you will upgrade to pro. you can add CSS. this isn’t like our old trip – multiply. lol. go to appearance, you can change colors and setup. hehehe.. Napul-an nasad gani ko sa ako. La pa jud ang perfect na theme. hahaha..


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