Twelve Months Old

February is our love’s birthday. And yes, is been a year. \(◎o◎)/

I met a guy I never thought I would fall in love with a year ago. I want to share our story but I guess I will leave that up to him. He’s a good story teller than I am. Right, B? Haha! I miss you. (@_@)

We are thousand miles away from each other so I celebrated it with my close friend Jo Anne – by the way, thank you! We had lunch at Old Spaghetti House in SM, one of the many places we used to dine before. I know it makes me miss him even more but that’s the closest thing we can be together. The food was great, I had chicken and rice, Jo Anne had pork and rice. We had mozzarella cheese sticks, the best, something we crave for more. Haha! I will share photos, definitely. I had a wonderful time. It would have been perfect if he was home.

Vintage Wall – Old Spaghetti House
Jo Anne & I


Jo Anne’s
Mine, of course.
The best cheese sticks ever.

To the man who made my life happier, thank you. You never failed to make me feel beautiful everyday. Thank you very much for your love and dedication. I love you! (*^_^*)

February 2011

xo, guenny

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