X_Xhat meets Alberto’s!

This morning my team was given a reward for a job well done. We have been exceeding expectations on what we are doing week on week. Yay! Reward sounds really good for everyone. Haha! Pizza time again. Every time we get a treat, pizza is the easiest, fastest and the most affordable food we can share as a group. By the way, we are 28 in my team. Yes, you heard it right, 28 for one team……. for now! Lol. 😀

My team always wanted to order Alberto’s so we did this morning. Is a known local pizza place who delivers pizza anywhere at no minimum order required. Since, I lost all my contacts when I rooted my phone, I have to check the internet and get the information from there. So when I visited their site, GOSH! Epic improvement! Hahaha! You can now ORDER ONLINE and someone will contact you to confirm the order. Joy! Less hassle and is faster. They even have payment options, credit card or cash on delivery. I was amazed and was very full after. Haha! Thanks team for all your hard work. One more week to go and we’ll get another reward if we continue to deliver good results.

We ordered our all time favorite: All Pepperoni. Beef & Mushroom. Hawaiian. You might want to try some. Check there site: http://www.albertospizzacebu.com/.

xo, guenny

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