Coconut Macaroons

I always love to help my aunt baked macaroons when I was younger. Now, baking/cooking is already a hobby. I just love eating and trying things on my own. I probably soon open my own shop, what do you think? Hehe! I’m dreaming. This recipe is not the same as what we used to make … More Coconut Macaroons

Colon Day with Mama

I went home very late yesterday. Mama & I went to Colon St. just after my dentist appointment. We had fun shopping, got good deals for her summer outfit. Mom has been very busy with summer outing this year. I am happy she’s enjoying it, makes her look younger. I didn’t take photos when we … More Colon Day with Mama

False Alarm

I was waiting for my water to boil; it took very long so I looked at the stove, was not on! Initial reaction was “omg! I dont have gas anymore? After 17 months?”. Haha! Funny, still shock even it has been 17 months and counting. Now, I am still waiting for the water to boil. … More False Alarm

One Afternoon

On our way home this afternoon… We saw very tiny yellow flowers slowly falling from the trees. It was such a lovely view, we stopped and took some photos. And as the wind blows, we smelled a sweet baby-like scent. One of those few lovely, stress-free walks going home. Have a good day! xo, guenny

Pinoy Style Merienda

I haven’t had banana que for so long. I used to eat this every afternoon when I was in college. Gosh! How I miss the sweetness of this street food, only in the Philippines. I had one yesterday, photo above. Posted from WordPress for Android

Going Wireless

Recently, my cable company installed my internet. I shared how happy I was when it was finally working in my previous post. Having multiple devices at home that needs internet to fully function would require a regular wireless router. So, I got one for myself few days back, I never waited for the next day, … More Going Wireless

Slice & Share

Working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at all. My team manage to do both and all deserves to enjoy every sweet slice of it. Good job team for a great performance. I know this was long overdue but is better late than never. 🙂 We had a chocolate cake with caramel filling from … More Slice & Share

Cheesy Bacon Pasta

This is the part where sometimes I miss being home with mom. Why? ‘Coz breakfast is ready as you wake up and all you have to think about is just being full. Haha! Those were the days. 😀 Anyway, I woke up not so early this morning and decided to make breakfast/lunch, call it “brunch”. … More Cheesy Bacon Pasta