Cheesy Bacon Pasta

This is the part where sometimes I miss being home with mom. Why? ‘Coz breakfast is ready as you wake up and all you have to think about is just being full. Haha! Those were the days. 😀

Anyway, I woke up not so early this morning and decided to make breakfast/lunch, call it “brunch”. I am trying something new, pasta + bacon + cheese. Fried 100g of bacon; cooked 100g of macaroni pasta then mixed it with Del Monte’s new cheese magic. It was good, but I still prefer their tomato and cheese sauce. Had a good brunch and partnered it with ice cold orange juice, seems perfect for my Sunday.

I wish you all well today.

xo, guenny

6 thoughts on “Cheesy Bacon Pasta

  1. Allora è vero che la pasta alla carbonara è nata da un miscuglio fatto ad Anzio da alcuni soldati americani a colazione e che non è un piatto italiano 🙂 . Si nella tua manca l’uovo e meglio gli spaghetti delle conchiglie, poi sarebbe una perfetta pasta alla carbonara 😛


      1. I translate: Is it true that pasta carbonara was born from a mixture made ​​by U.S. soldiers at Anzio …
        Your brunch looks very similar to pasta alla carbonara, just missing the egg.

        Anzio is one of the places where American troops landed during World War II.
        By 🙂


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