Manang Fe BBQ

I woke up very late last night from a long day at work. So, I decided to dine out. Didn’t have time to make dinner anymore, I was starving and even if I was not, I would still go out to eat for I was too tired to make some food. It’s my first time to eat bbq in Manang Fe’s BBQ, a tricycle away from home. Checked in!

So, let’s talk about the place — it was clean and very organized. I like the setup, no smoke around the dine area and they have television so you won’t get bored when you’re eating. I went there by myself, if my robot love was here, we could have gone together. I’m sure he would like it there too. Awww, makes me miss him.

I know I am very thin but I eat a lot. I ordered 9 sticks of pork barbecue, 2 sticks of intestines and 4 puso hanging rice. Plus I ordered soda and water. The best part was eating with my bare hands – Pinoy style. The food taste so good. Value for money? 5 star! I will sure be back. Maybe next time, I’ll be with my robot love. ❤

‘Til next post.

xo, guenny

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