Love. Forgiveness.

I think that those two people wanted to be together. I think that love, at the end of the day is stronger than some mistakes somebody made; something they did that they regret. I think that love will ask for forgiveness. I am. -Mr. President to Olivia Pope #scandal.season1

The Who?

Who is the person that can always make me smile? I was very little when my dad has to go to another country for work, for us. I didn’t have the childhood where I get to see him everyday. But he never fails to make us smile and laugh by the way he dance, laugh … More The Who?

Total Surprise

I have shared from my previous post about Bt’s birthday from this side of the world. Well wishes from friends and greetings; truthfully, I enjoyed  it. And I think I have expressed myself from my last post. Today, I am going to share what really happened on his birthday in Portland. 😉 He didn’t have … More Total Surprise

Happy Birthday!

Bt’s birthday! Since we are thousands of miles away from each other my June 12 is almost over, maybe it will be over as soon as I finish this,  while he is just starting his day in Portland. So, just for this post I will say: “Good morning!”. As what he always say, there’s always … More Happy Birthday!

Remedy Sunday

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. I didn’t like it but what else can I do, right? I took some vitamin C and paracetamol to prevent fever. Drink a very hot coffee, an advise I saw from the internet. 😉 I couldn’t afford to be not at work, I will miss … More Remedy Sunday