Mom’s Personal Technician

My dad’s here for a month, first ever vacation on Father’s Day month. This means more family time, busy! 😉 More family time version of me started yesterday. Woot! I went to Ayala to meet with my dearest mama and papa (mom and dad), they went home with me.

– my 4sq check ins
– ordered pizza before we headed home, free pizza from BPI.

Papa had coffee and pizza while mama and I were having coke and pizza~

-bacon cheeseburger supreme, coffee, coke

Mama was preoccupied with her bubble island game, nothing can stop her.

Haha! Even a coke and a pizza. Lol.

– mom, so busy playing with Yuki (desktop’s name)

See? She can’t take her eyes off of Yuki.

-after fixing laptop. chatting with papa about small fixes for my house. :p

Aside from family time, Mom actually wanted her portable fixed, that’s why they went all the way to my place. I’m my mom’s personal technician. Happy, I was able to fixed it. 😉

But wait, got a text from my mom this morning. They messed with the wireless setup at home, she can’t connect to the internet. Waaaaa. I guess is my turn to visit mom’s place. This weekend, maybe.

Enjoy! 😉

xo, guenny

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