Happy Birthday!

Bt’s birthday! Since we are thousands of miles away from each other my June 12 is almost over, maybe it will be over as soon as I finish this,  while he is just starting his day in Portland. So, just for this post I will say: “Good morning!”. As what he always say, there’s always a big celebration on his birthday, I agree. Happy Independence Day, Filipinos! Go Figure. 🙂

Anyway, this post is all for Bt. Well wishes of friends from this side of the world on his day. Help me make this day a good one for him. I am having so much fun doing this. B, Happy Birthday! Stay forever handsome. Hehe! 🙂


Happy Birthday Brian!

I just want to thank you for making Guen happy. Being miles apart, didn’t stop you from loving her. Thank you for always finding time to be with her through space..your “Hangouts”. You two are perfectly inlove! (Fact).

Take good care of yourself always. Stay humble. And stay inlove……with Guen! lol. See you soon! HBD!



A rockin’ BEERDAY to you, Brian!  May the God of BEER and ROCK celebrate with you with a BLAST!!! Peaceout!  Rock ‘n Roll!!! \m/



Hi Bryan! Happy Happy Birthday to you. May you have many more years to celebrate. I’d also like to take this chance to thank you for coming into my bestfriend’s life (Guen). I’ve never seen her happy as she is right now with you. May you and her will have this so-called “happy ending”. We love you and Happy birthday once again! Cheers!



hapee beerday! -ANDREW


Hi Brian, may your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, & cheer. We hope all your birthday wishes come true!

-A greeting from Ryan and Jhoana


Mr Bt Maher. You are one good man. That’s why my friend loves you so much. Enjoy your birthday! See you when you come here. 🙂



Hi Kuya Brian,

I just want to say a Happy² Birthday! Wish you all the best in life and I know you and my cousin are really lucky to have each other in your lives.

Should you need someone to lean on, I’m just here. Even if we did not meet, I know you will take good care and give so much love to my cousin Guen. Once again, Happy Birthday!

More Power To You Both! 😀



Hope your birthday is totally cool, really funtastic, wonderful, exciting, majorly awesome, rocking and HAPPY. Happy Birthday wishes.



It’s very rare for a girl to meet a guy who will make everything all right for her and make her believe in love again… Happy birthday to that rare guy destined for my friend — BT (who loves Guen)! Ü



-friends behind the scene

Hope everything goes well for him in Portland. Let’s wish him a happy birthday!



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