Total Surprise

I have shared from my previous post about Bt’s birthday from this side of the world. Well wishes from friends and greetings; truthfully, I enjoyed  it. And I think I have expressed myself from my last post. Today, I am going to share what really happened on his birthday in Portland. 😉

He didn’t have any idea at all. I was having difficulty keeping it from him. Imagine me being used to telling him everything about my day. 🙂

What I had come up? A little surprise party for him at work.

Personally, I love suprises. I do, so much; mainly because it reminds me of how it makes someone feel special and valued. No matter who it is for — kids, teens, adults, and even mature individuals. Looking at their smiles is just priceless. And if you’re the “surprise maker”; gosh! that feeling of not knowing of the outcome, anxiety attack — like you are committing a crime because you are not sure if it is going to be a success.

I – Planning

– 05/29/12

I talked to our friends in Portland if I can hire them to be my accomplices. And guess what, they said YES! Actually they were enjoying it too, photo shows some of what we’ve talked about. It was like we were talking behind Brian’s back, with good intentions.

It was all set, then our blackheart day came. I remembered Brian saying, “DO NOT TELL ANYONE IS MY BIRTHDAY!” with conviction. Errrr… Before I said “okay” in a low-toned, guilty but not very obvious voice, I was thinking “patay!” (translation: I’m dead). But it was already too late, I couldn’t backed out. So I said to myself, “this will be a crime I will commit, just this once.” Haha! Good thing Chris and Vicki were there to keep me sane. Lol.

II – June 12 (CEBU Time)

I will give you a little background about how we are, we normally celebrate many things in two days. First would be following Cebu time then Portland time. Technically this day was already his birthday and I didn’t say a word. I treated the day as normal but I was excited and anxious at the same time. Vicki and I were talking and working, we waited until he left the office to decorate. I stayed until Vicki finished decorating Brian’s desk and prepared everything. And the public birthday message was:

– this wasn’t how it really looked like. I don’t have MS office installed yet.

III – June 12 (Portland Time) 

There were balloons everywhere in his desk, cakes; I wish I could upload more. According to my accomplices, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”.

– that’s the smile I was talking about. Awwww! :-*
– tasty!
– Bt’s

 Indeed, a mission accomplished. Thank you Vicki, Chris and Dan W.

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