Coffee Beans

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! I can’t last a day at work without drinking at least a cup of coffee. This keeps me awake. Gosh!  Back to working in zombie hours is not easy. Adjust! Adjust! Faster please. 🙂 Last night, I grabbed a tall Café Americano at Bo’s Coffee in IT Park, Cebu. When I was at … More Coffee Beans

DIY: Repainting

Hello everyone! It has been a while. I miss being here, I like the fact that WordPress really makes my brain works. I am sorry. I have been very busy the past few weeks, from family gathering, to  work stuff, to another family gathering, to house chores/projects and to another family gathering and to another … More DIY: Repainting

Treat for Papa

Spent my afternoon and dinner with Papa, of course Mama was there too. Papa will be leaving for work tomorrow. But before that… We were chillin’ at Bo’s Coffee shop the whole afternoon. Mom didn’t like her coffee. Her fave is the one from Coffee Bean. Hehe! Like Bt’s, next time Ma. I didn’t know … More Treat for Papa