Orange Girl? Birthday?

Hahaha!!! You were! Yes, TODAY! 

You have been blessed with an adorable smile since you were a child. I know I wasn’t there yet, we weren’t AGS then but I have photos. I am not sure why I have this in my photo box! Haha! Maybe it got mixed up with mine when we were doing those journal projects during highschool. Nevertheless, it is true, never faded until today, still looking young at 29.

Happy Birthday Kar
Karren through the years…

Thank you for the friendship that will last a lifetime. You always have been my best friend since highschool. I miss slumbering over at your house, group studies and of course the “sneaking out” moments. Shhh! And also that crazy school ground tripping we had, pulling each other’s hair. Hahaha. Childish but was fun.

Anyway, so many stories to tell, so many memories shared, couldn’t write them all, a few hours of writing about our 16 years of friendship wouldn’t be enough. Lol! But I will share 10 things about you to my friends.

  • She was called orange girl during highschool. She didn’t like it but now, I think it is already her favorite color. Haha!
  • She has a very thick hair that most of the hair accessories wont hold. Just gives up.
  • She has a very tiny voice like tweety bird.
  • She loves taking photos of herself.
  • She loves wearing sexy dresses. Don’t get me wrong, it is not what you think it is. Elegant yet sexy.
  • She was a die hard fan of Boyzone and Westlife. Oh! I forgot, Hanson too.
  • She likes COKE.
  • She’s sweet, caring and understanding. That’s why she is blessed with a loving husband.
  • She owns a business now.
  • She loves to travel like the rest of the AGS girls. Hoping we can together again, one day.

That’s it. I think it isn’t too much. Update me if some of the things changed. Haha!!!

Happy Birthday Kar!!! Hope you will enjoy today! I know you are happy. God Bless You Always!!!

Birthday Hat Karren
She can actually write like that font in the photo.

Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!


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