When Eyes Want to Retire in a Not So Perfect Timing

I was working in the morning shift for six months prior to my vacation, which was nice. Now that I work in the night shift, it’s driving me insanely drowsy most of the time. It has been two weeks since I got back and still I am having difficulty slumbering during the day. It would probably take me some time to adjust to my supposed to be “normal” slumbering time which is daylight. Aside from the sun being up the entire time I believed I should be slumbering, there are extra factors that hinders me from doing so — children from the neighborhood frolicking outside the house, no electricity or power, getting hungry in between, overly hot temperature and so on. Gosh! I so need that sleep.

Today was the worst of all those other days, maybe all the stress has come together and banged me with weary eyes, slow cerebral processing and grumpy mood.

This is what happens when eyes want to retire in a not so perfect timing.

And since, I didn’t want to humiliate myself one way or another, esp. at work. I did what I do best, finished my favorite Cafe Americano at Bo’s Coffee in no time, took some photos then I was ready for calibration meeting.

coffee time
the only thing that keeps me awake — COFFEE.
calibration meeting
Our calibration meeting, I was still sleepy but I was able to manage by… (see next photo)
…drawing. Haha! But I was still paying attention and interacting while doing so. 😉

And now that I am supposed to sleep, I can’t. I still have to finish one task. But I will soon. Goodnight!


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