Happy Birthday Inday Bebot!

September 10th was the date and last night was her party. It was a simple birthday party and we all had a great time. My aunt’s friends, former high school teachers (who were also my teachers when I was in high school), nieces, nephews and family gathered to share happiness, eat tasty food and of course everyone’s favorite, posing for photos.

Happy Birthday Inday!!!

Wish you good health and more happy years to come. 🙂

blowing candles
Inday Bebot and her cake.

The funny part of this blowing of candles time was we didn’t know that the candles were the magic ones which sparkle and it took us so much effort to blow the lights off. Haha! I wish there was a video; all of us were already blowing just to make the light pop stop.

Inday's friends
The photo shoot.
eating time
Dinner time.
our high scool teachers
My Biology teacher, Mdm. Alegrado and my History teacher, Ms. Estrada. Both of them are my aunt’s high school teachers too. But my aunt and I were in different generations, for sure. Haha! 😀
The beautiful nieces.
Happy Birthday Inday!
The beautiful birthday celebrant.

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