Feels Like Highschool Again

I was out last Sunday with my girlfriends, the AGS! 😉 Reunion time!

We don’t see each other as often as highschool but we manage to stay connected in any way we can. Thanks social networking sites — Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on and so forth. We just have too many accounts. Ha! 😀 Anyway, Karren happened to be in the island where most of us live. So, get together time! Yay! We really had a very limited time due to the fact that most of us were really busy but we managed to catch things up, how life has been for everyone. Chit chats, food and studio shots {giggling}. After 15 years, we did it again. LOL! I guess we look mature now than 15 years ago. 🙂 Awww…

Date: 9/23/12 ~ Venue: SM City, Cebu ~ What: The Reunion

chinese food
en-en and karren’s fave {chicken feet & siomai}
chinese food
@ Harbor City, SM Cebu. {the barkadas favorite chinese food}

Siomai ~ Steamed Rice ~ Chicken Feet ~ Radish Salad ~ Sweet & Sour Pork ~ Stuffed Shrimp ~Spring Rolls

LUNCH: AGS with the little princess Zofia. Thanks to Karren for lunch treat! =p

After lunch…

SM City
window shopping
Us, 15 years later, missing Kristine in the photo.

And the part where everybody’s so excited about. 😉 {giggles}


#supermodels 🙂
uniform shirts with our names at the left sleeve.
Aren’t we too early for Christmas? =p
Fun Facts: ‘ber’ months is start of Christmas in the Philippines!
Looking forward of Sinulog next year. =p
Enjoying our time together.

We had matching shirts like we used to have during Highschool Intramurals. Do you still see some of your highschool friends? How is it like looking back those memories shared and creating a new one? It would be fun for sure. Until my next post! Goodnight!

love, Guenxoxo

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