Play Time

Jumping off and on the sofa, then Guen got her mobile phone and said the magic word ‘photo Batou’. There I was, stopped and smiled for a photo. I guess I look playful here and is worth sharing. Have a happy day! Til next photo, Batou

Present Day

This is how I look now. My ears are not that big anymore for I have grown. My hair is longer and thicker. And very messy. I don’t comb my hair, I like it like that! If you want to see old photos of me, they are in GuenBt’s Instagram feed and the links below: … More Present Day


Normally, sleep time for me is the same as the sleep time of Bt — Pacific time. So, Guen always has the opportunity to take photos of me while I’m asleep. Posted from WordPress for Android

Off to Vet

Last month — When I had high fever, Guen brought me to the clinic for check up. Had CBC, then they gave me for shots of medicine. I hate needles. Posted from WordPress for Android


One of those days where I get so tired and can’t keep my eyes open to play with Guen. Posted from WordPress for Android