Thank You Donuts

I arrived home yesterday noon wondering who cleaned our tiny front yard. I have been busy lately; trimming the grasses, plants and removing unwanted plants weren’t really our priority. It isn’t an easy task, though I mentioned it is a tiny space. 🙂 I’ll admit, I get tired just by thinking about it. And rest days are really my lazy days. It’s the only time I can relax, have hangouts and sleep more hours. Plus, Bt is in Portland so we can’t do it together as quality time. Haha. Excuses!
Anyway, going back to what I really wanted to share. That same day, around late afternoon, laundry shop decided to pick up my dirty clothes. So, I opened our front door and saw the old lady next door trimming the rest of the untouched grasses in our front yard. Gosh! I didn’t know what to say. I thought at first it was the maintenance guy in our subdivision doing extra work for me. I was wrong. As shy as I was, I said in a little voice, “thank you.” And went upstairs to take a photo secretly. I don’t want to forget this day. She has a very kind heart.


Today, I went home with a box of doughnuts, went straight to their front door and knocked. I wanted to say thank you again for what she did. I wished I knew her name.


Thank you again, neighbor. I really appreciate it.

Have a fruitful day all.

xx, guenny

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