ZerotoHero: GUENBT is On

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I’m a few days behind but is never too late.  So, here’s my zero to hero day 1 – 3 post.  All in one. 😉 Just in time for Day 3, which is what’s on my mind. I’m very eager to accomplish this mission! New for 2014. 🙂

I already have an ABOUT US page but I don’t mind introducing our blog again for this challenge. So here you go:

Day 1 – Introduce Yourself


That is Us! Our nicknames. Bt and I. We share bits and pieces of our life together and apart in this blog. This has been running for 2 years now but blogging religiously has been a challenge for both of us.

We’ll be sharing mostly about:

  • Our travels – we both love to see the world and learn and experience what it’s like to be a local in a foreign land. Our readers would be delighted to see photos. 
  • Love – we believe in true love, and we are happy that we found each other and share the same feeling. Priceless. We wanted our readers to know that dreams do come true. 
  • Our Dogs – Batou and Goku, who are living with me and gets to see Bt once or twice every year. 
  • Our Fashion Shop – we just opened our online fashion shop and we’re looking forward to enjoy selling and blogging on our free time. 

If we blog successfully throughout 2014, we wanted our readers to read every post in our blog as if:

  • they were with us in our travels,
  • they were falling in love all over again, and 
  • they enjoyed our dogs company.

Day 2 – What’s Your Name

Why together & apart?

Together and apart as we are learning how to live our life 7,000 miles away from each other. Staying connected in many ways we know how. Sharing true love, life adventures, secrets to Portland and back (Cebu). And vice versa. 😉

Day 3 – What’s On Your Mind

I have been thinking about blogging as often as possible but I always fail. This year, I wanted to accomplish something. I wanted to finish this and be regular in the weekly photo challenge. Will try very hard not to skip an assignment for zero to hero and a weekly photos to share. 

I am hopeful that as soon as this zero to hero challenge is done, I can look back and tell myself: “You did it, Guen!” 

See you on Day 4!

– Guenny

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