Trick OR Treat 2014

Adorable kids at work with their costumes. 😉 Enjoy watching these cute little ones. – I personally like the kids in the middle, such dead looking kids. – The kid with the many shots, one of my TMs daughter. #salta – Annabelle is in the house! Very well played. – Kids enjoying the candies. – … More Trick OR Treat 2014

Time Travel

Terribly missing my #robotlove! Wish time machines really exist so I can just jump into it whenever, and time travel. Would love to be in a place where we don’t need to have smartphones and internet to communicate, where hugs and kisses are within reach. /sigh One day.


Some delicious fruits for dessert?!? While traveling home in a cab with some heavy traffic and an Air Supply background music. Lol. Do not sleep, Guen! Do not sleep! That is what I always tell myself when I travel home. So I can sleep on time and not during the time where I have to … More Fruitilicious