See You Soon, Goku!

My heart was torn into pieces when I left my fur baby “Goku” at Lola Fely’s house. I thought it wouldn’t be as hard as Batou leaving us for good. I thought I would be okay because he we will be in good care. But I was wrong. It hurts like hell, I wish I could bring him with me. 😥 😥 😥

I was so drained yesterday that I fell asleep as soon as I got home. My heart was crying in silence.

Today is the first morning that he is not in the house. I miss our early morning rituals already.  I would rather have a messy-noisy house than a peaceful one without Goku. /heartbroken

I have two more days, two more to go…

Goku, always remember you are in my and Brian’s thoughts everyday. We miss you already. Be good at Lola Fely’s house. We will visit you soon. ❤

Good Times Together ~

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Goku and the tennis ball! #dogcare #dogfun #goku

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2 thoughts on “See You Soon, Goku!

    1. I have him adopted by family. I am not sure but I don’t want him to go through another adjustment if it is possible. And it may take more than just paperworks. I wish it were easy. 😦


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