A Walk To Remember

They say most “first times” are always hard to forget, do you believe in that? I guess, at some point we all do.

Last Thursday was my first ever adventure since I got here. My first time to be out without Brian, hashtag Oregon adventure (#OregonAdventure). Let’s call it that way from now on. 😉 Brian was at work and yesterday was my 2nd “week-sary” in this foreign land, my new home. So, I told myself why not explore the city and enjoy the sun in this very cold weather. Hehe. Still coping with the weather. It is not easy but slowly adjusting to it. Enough with the weather topic because I can never change that no matter how much I rant in here. 🙂

Going back to my walk, I had a wonderful time. I took many photos which I will share later in this post. The sun was out, the sky was clear, the trees were so pretty, the streets were clean and the people were nice. I stopped by at Freddy’s for a while and for a second I thought “Gosh! another pair of boots? That can’t be.”. Haha. I still tried some pairs though, good thing they didn’t have my size. Money saved, still have to find that perfect shoes for my wedding. That’s another story I will share soon. 🙂 And then just before the sun went away, I had a cup of coffee from Starbucks, as always, my fave cup. I stayed outside the shop for half an hour to just feel the warmth of the sun. Even though it wasn’t very warm because of the cold breeze, that was still pretty nice.

Here were my real time instagram posts last Thursday. Happy second “week-sary” indeed!



Next is trying the bus and train alone. Will see how far I can travel without getting lost. 😉

Much ❤ ,


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