Grimm Inspired Travel

Yesterday’s bonding day with the husband! Bare with me, I know this is my new home but partly I still am a tourist. Haha. Watching Grimm has been very helpful to me in so many different ways. I just got here like a month or so ago and the show gave me an idea on where to actually go. Yes, I am partially dependent to the show than to the tourist attraction websites. LOL! Okay fine, I’m a fan! There you go. 😛

This was my face the entire time I was out! Soooo excited! The husband was very supportive, he was taking my photos. He also has his share of tourist photos, not in all locations though. 😀


The Freemont Bridge. After this photo was taken, I saw Sean Renard when we were on our way to the nearest street car stop. I was so excited that I couldn’t remember what street we were on. I was thinking about approaching him and ask for a photo but I was too shy. And he might think I am so weird. Haha. So no!

Freemont Bridge

The Street Car. On our way to Pioneer Square for a coffee date. Few stops more!


Pioneer Square. Had some coffee and more tourist photos. 😛

tourist photos

Photography. I forgot to bring our  Canon camera but that didn’t stop me from getting a few shots. Explore here to see more of Downtown Portland.

Union Station

So there you go! That’s how our bonding day went. Another wonderful memories created. See you on my next post. 🙂



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