Paperworks Mailed!

Yay! We have completed all the necessary forms and requirements for status adjustment. We have not received any RFEs since we started filling paperworks so hopefully these sets will not be the first. 😉

Piece of advise, read the instructions carefully and fill out the forms correctly. And as for me and my husband, we don’t include so many paperworks. We only mail what’s required. That’s how it has been for us, from I-129F to present packets. Normally, less than 10 or 25 sheets of paper per packet. I think only I-485 has the most number of documents required.

Here’s our complete packet! 🙂

The complete set, AOS/EAD/AP packets. The green folder is a document holder and was not included in the mail. Document weight, about 1lb. 🙂
I-485 AOS – 25 sheets total; I-765 EAD – 8 sheets total; I-131 AP – 7 sheets total
And the cover letter to summarize all packets included in the mail. For sample checklist, you can visit Mrs. Presson’s website.

Good luck to me! And I am looking forward to work soon. 😉

For those that are curious or have any questions regarding K1 visa, you can post your comments below. And I might be able to share some insights or direct you to websites that are helpful. 😉

And one more thing, these are legal documents and not scrapbooks. So, I guess you know what I mean.

Much ❤ ,


Complete visa timeline here.


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