TRVLTOG [2]: Snow & The Mountain

Mt. Hood Adventure: February 16, 2015

Feeling tourist as I am, this winter won’t be over without seeing snow for the first time. 😉 Since it isn’t snowing in the city, which I am very thankful, Bt & I went to the mountains just a few weeks after we got married. So I guess, that was honeymoon I? LOL.

Anyway, I had a great time up there. We were taking photos, had big breakfast (I call it big because their serving is way too much for me), & of course coffee. It was cold and cold and very cold. Haha. There was a moment when the wind was so strong, my ears were so painful that I couldn’t help but yell, WAAAAAAA!!!! And at the same time laughing, diversion at its finest. 😀 Sharing some photos, check it out!!! (Click on the photos to get the full view).

Driving Photos: To, from and around Government Camp

The place is so green and I love it. Nature is very beautiful.

Walking Photos: Around Government Camp.

Wood Snowman
This sign was in one of the coffee shops we went to.

Snow Photos: Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort & Timberline Lodge and Ski Area

We didn’t have a photo together and because of that I will get a GoPro Hero 4 for our next out of town adventure!

Mt Hood

Husband and I will learn snowboarding or skiing next year!!! 😉

Our new snow shoes!
Our new snow shoes!

Thanks to the husband for buying me some snow shoes. 😉

That’s all for now,  I am happy that I get to share this experience to all of you.



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