Crochet Purse

This is very simple and my first successful crochet project. I didn’t know this was very easy until now. I remember making this for a school project and I failed. I mean, I didn’t fail the class but my mom ended up finishing it as I can only do the first chain. Haha. Good old days!

Here it is!


Tools Used & Other Details:

  • Red Heart Yarn (Shaded Dusk – used 1/4 of the yarn ball)
  • I crochet hook (5.50 mm) for the bag (13 inches – not folded yet to create the bag)
  • K crochet hook (6.50mm) for the handle (45 inches)


  • Chain 29.
  • Alternate double crochet & single crochet until desired length is achieved.
  • Create border.

Reach out if you want to see a video, I can share my source. 😉

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Much ❤ ,


4 thoughts on “Crochet Purse

    1. It is fun. What do you mean by lined? I am new to crocheting, so I may not know all the terms. I was only doing double crochet on this project. 🙂


    1. Good Luck! I know you will enjoy it. I actually just started learning how to crochet and knit simultaneously a few months ago. So I am not a pro yet. Still learning something new every project.


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