My Notebook

I recently joined Ravelry and it has been a wonderful experience. There are 5 great reasons why I love having an account in this site.

1. Patterns. Thousand of patterns available from different people around the world. So many, that it makes me go crazy (most of the time) on what to work on first.

2. Needles and Hooks. This helps me keep track of my needles and hooks. Looking at my chart, I am still not close to completing all sizes. I may not need all of them once I figure what I will love to knit or crochet over and over but still it is nice to have them ready in case I needed them in future projects.

3. Stash. Keeping track of my available yarns, this prevents me from going through all the yarns in my basket every time I wanted to start a new project. I sometimes go overboard in yarn shopping every time my husband takes me to a craft store. Can’t help myself, seeing different colors and different kinds of yarn makes me go a little bit crazy. I want to buy them all. Haha. I probably have more than 10 skeins of yarns in my stash. And this also helps me what projects I can make with the amount of yarn available, power of advanced search.

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4. Projects. I love that this exist. I sometimes get bored doing the same thing for a very long time. So when I make projects that take days to finish, I normally create a simple and easy projects in between like hats and mittens. Just to not get bored. Like currently, I have short sleeved tee going on in one of my knitting needles, it has been for 2 weeks but I have made hats, mittens and booties in between. Fun! Visit my DIY section in the blog to view my finished projects and Ravelry account, to see my WIPs (work in progress).


5. Library. This is where I keep those patterns that I maybe making. Few reasons why they are not queued: 1. I am not too confident to finish the project right (need more studying); 2. I don’t have enough yarn to finish it; and 3. I am just not sure. 😀

So there, I hope you’ll visit my DIY section and my Ravelry account to see more of what I’m up to in the crafts world. I normally upload my progress in instagram real time and share them in my blog once I have completed my project. So far, I have 23 projects total — 1 in progress (the short sleeved tee), 1 is in hibernate mode (I couldn’t perfect the sock making — needs more practice), and the rest are completed.

Enjoy the rest of your day and wish me luck in my upcoming projects. There’s still so much to learn.



6 thoughts on “My Notebook

  1. Spot on! I hadn’t used my Ravelry account much until recently and it’s helped me stay more on top of all my knitting stuff – and I hadn’t even found the needle tracking part yet! Thank you for pointing that out 🙂

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  2. I think I need to have a long sit down with my Ravelry account, it’s looking very empty – the needle tracker will be especially useful!
    Hopefully, if I enjoy knitting in the round, I might invest in a circular needle set with the interchangeable heads. And then I’ll never have to worry about having the wrong size needles again :p in theory…

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