Monday WIPs – Needles ‘n Hooks

I just started with my DIY page which features my finished projects. Hope you have enjoyed viewing and making them. 😉

Now that I am doing bigger and/or complicated projects, I want to share my journey in completing them. Just a weekly update though (every Monday). When I started making the short sleeved tee, that’s when I realized that I will have future projects that would last longer than I expected. /Fun!

So, let’s start Monday WIPs!!! In the “crafts world”, WIP means Work In Progress.

1. Short Sleeved Tee

I haven’t touch this project for 2 weeks now. I should have started with the sleeves and not the back portion of the project. I admit, it gets boring sometimes. I need the right motivation. Haha. Until today I still am finishing the back portion.

See how I excited I was when I started it? Haha! Doing the pattern over and over and only seeing a little outcome is discouraging at times. Gosh! I need some motivation.

2. Baby Blanket

Started with this project 3 days ago. And now I am almost out of yarn and still not have any plans to go to a local craft store. I may this week but still not certain. One more skein would probably finished this project.

3. Taupe Neck Warmer

This is somewhat finished, it only needs buttons to officially seal it as completed. 🙂

Today, I will start a new project and I’ll share that with you next week! Or if you are following me in Instagram, you can probably see it real time.  🙂

Let’s enjoy the world one stitch at a time! 😉 Happy Monday WIPs!



7 thoughts on “Monday WIPs – Needles ‘n Hooks

  1. Quick question on your “Short Sleeved Tee” – do you have a pattern for the stitch you’re showing in the photo? I’m thinking that stitch would make a nice baby blanket pattern by itself!
    (Thanks for visiting my blog!)

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