TRVLTOG [4]: Seattle + Tukwila, Washington

Right after my AOS biometric appointment at ASC, Bt and I traveled by train for the first time to Seattle. We visited the city, went on tour, dined, strolled and of course chickenjoy & cannoli. 😀

Some awesome photos we took of the city and ourselves to brighten up your day! 😉  Click the images for a larger view.

Train Stations: Union Station in Portland & King Street Station in Seattle

Union Station in Portland – back view, took this when we were already inside the train. If you want to see the front view of the station, you can visit my PDX adventure post here.

Inside the train. See how spacious it is? You can overly stretch your legs (can’t even reach the back of the front seat, I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall), you can literally recline your seat and be in a good sleeping position. It was comfortable. 🙂 And here’s us waiting for the train to leave.

After 3 or so hours, we arrived in Seattle, King Street Station. The station looks very elegant in the inside, pure white paint with nice carvings. Plus it was very clean. I posted a black & white shot of King Street Station too, click here to view it.

Food & Drinks: Wild Ginger, Jollibee, Holy Cannoli, Starbucks. Chickenjoy and Cannoli were the food we craved to eat when we were there, both are not available in Portland. We drove to Tukwila for Jollibee (rented a car from zipcar). We traveled about 45 mins from Seattle to Tukwila. After eating at Jollibee, we headed back to the city for cannoli. When we arrived at Holy Cannoli, they were already closing but the owner was very nice and allowed us to buy some cannoli’s for take out. My husband was happy.

Tour: Strolling Around the City – from market to tall buildings and hilly streets; Space Needle – tourist attraction, monorail ride; Underground Tour – history of Seattle.

If you want to see more photos of the city, click here.

After spending 2 nights and 3 days in Seattle we were ready to go home.

Leaving Hotel Max
Leaving Hotel Max

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We are looking forward of visiting a tulip farm here in Oregon on our next travel together (#trvltog). Watch out for it.

How about you? Where have you traveled lately? Share! 🙂



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