Monday WIPs – Needles & No Sew Denim Clutch

Monday WIPs update is here!!! 😀

I was out the whole day today to take care of some government paperworks thus the late post. But I’m happy that I got the chance to visit the craft store today. More yarns for me! I haven’t knitted yet, wife duties first, cooked dinner for the husband then blog. After this, I will knit and watch shows.

Last Week’s Preview: My neck warmer from previous Monday WIPs has been completed. Take a peek

So here we are!

What’s happening in my crafts world are the following:

1. Baby Blanket – I just got another skein of yarn from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store this afternoon. So i will resume making the blanket this week. Ended the first skein last week.

2. Tube Socks – Started this last week. I wish I had the 24″ or 32″ circular needle so I can knit 2 socks at the same time. 🙂 Hate the second sock syndrome, I guess most of us does. Lol.

3. No Sew Denim Clutch – Grabbed some men’s jeans from old boxes for this clutch. Of course, I asked permission from the husband. They are old anyway and it’s no longer being used. 🙂 This is very easy, got the idea from this site. It is still a work in progress because I need to buy a 12″ zipper and another fabric glue. The one I bought from the grocery store is not very effective, so I am about to order what’s recommended from the creator’s blog in Amazon.

Denim Clutch
Sneak Peek of the denim clutch. 🙂

And the project that has been left behind is the short sleeved tee. I don’t have the motivation to finish it yet. I am more excited to start my new project, table runner and placemats. We just got our new dining table delivered, and I got some cotton yarns this afternoon. I am excited!!!  It’s going to be a lovely week ahead. 🙂

That’s it for now. Happy Monday WIPs!!!



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