Spring Flowers & Trees

Twenty degrees Celsius today (66° F)!!! Yay! Warmer than the last few days. 😉

I went out for a walk, took some photos and went shopping for brown sugar, honey and paprika at the grocery store. Had some coffee too before I headed back home. Nothing much to share except for the photos I took. There are flowers on the grass now, the trees are more alive than the first time I saw them – some buds are falling on the ground, some trees have full bloom leaves, and some are still about to have buds. It’s beautiful to see their colors change as the season changes, amazing!!! 😀

Moi walking up the street! 😉

 Click on the images for a larger view. 😉

Grass & Flowers: 

Street and Trees: 


The dark red tree in the photo above was not so dark last February, it was pink. Look here.

Park & Bridges:

If you want to see how they were last Feb, click here and you will see the difference. 🙂

Maybe when summer time comes our place would be very green and WARMER! It would be nice. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our walk today.

Much ❤ ,


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