No Sew Denim Clutch

So the zipper arrived in the mail yesterday! Whoot! Whoot! 😀


I got the chance to work on my denim clutch last night while watching CSI:NY. Already in season 8, so I’m almost running out of episodes to watch. Back to my DIY denim clutch, got the idea of this DIY from here. What I like about this project is the no sew part. Haha! Sewing machine is not my bestfriend, it scares the hell out of me. I’ve tried my mom’s electric sewing machine when I was younger and it didn’t work as I expected. LOL!


Materials I used are:

  1. Men’s Jeans (old) – provided by the husband.
  2. Fabric Glue – I recommend Dritz 44153. It’s very effective than the singer brand I got from our local store. Bought Dritz from Amazon for $5.
  3. Scissors – small for seam ripping and large for cutting the fabric.
  4. 12″ Zipper – I prefer to use a brass finished zipper, just because. 🙂  Bought YKK zipper from Amazon for $7.
  5. 2 feet ruler and marking pen – this is just to make my cutting performance very straight as possible.


The instructions in the link I shared above is pretty much straight forward. From my experience, I didn’t have any troubles following the instructions. So go on and check the site, it’s just a click away. But before you do, see my own denim clutch in action.


From start to finish!




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I enjoyed making this and the husband liked it. I like it too!



Much ❤ ,


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