TrvlTog [5]: Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Last Sunday at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm!!! 🙂

Another travel adventure of guenbt! We left the house around noon, drove to Woodburn, Oregon for the tulip Festival. We were at the farm for like an hour and a half. The farm was pretty big, we walked from end to end I believe. Their flowers were very pretty! :d There were so many people who visited the farm too. Soooo many but not as many as the flowers. 😉 Plus the weather was very warm, so that was very nice.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

Tourist photos, we only have these.

Tulip Festival
Thanks to the mini tripod, we have photos together. 😉

Few of the shots we took, my fave ones are:



You can also view more photos of the flowers that I captured in here.

While we were walking, few people asked me to take a photo of them. There was also one who called me Alex, she thought I was someone she knew. Awkward! Hahaha! Anyway, that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed our tulip farm tour!

We headed to the premium outlet store in Woodburn right after. Shoe shopping for the husband. I was supposed to get one too but I didn’t find anything I like. So maybe next time.

Fun weekend indeed!



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