MONDAY WiPs: yarns & denim

Crafty Update Everyone! 🙂


#1: The Table Runner (Knit)

It is almost finished! Already 80 cm in length, can’t wait to put this vibrant little piece on our dining table. 50 cm more to go! 😀 Yay!


#2: The Little Blanket (crochet)

Only managed to add 3 rows on this project after 3 weeks. So slow! 😛 But once I finish the table runner, this will be my priority.


#3: The Denim Clutch

Just 3 days ago I decided to create denim handles to turn this clutch into a bag but I have not decided which one yet (handles are still not attached). 4 more days to go for me to decide, I still have time. So far, the bag wins with 89% vote. If you haven’t cast yours, you can here!


My knitted tube socks and short sleeved tee were long forgotten! I’m not sure when I will finish them or if I will ever finish them. Haha!


What are your current WiPs? Share your blog links below, I would love to see interesting projects.


Happy Monday WiPs all! 😉


Much ❤ ,


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