DIY Yarn Bowl

Made a yarn bowl to prevent my working yarn from falling or rolling just about everywhere I knit or crochet. This is a very easy do it yourself (DIY) project so let’s start. 😉

I used an empty parmesan cheese plastic container without the lid. I didn’t cover the outer part of the bowl because I’m thinking of knitting a sleeve for this soon. The size is perfect, it is enough for a super sized Lily yarns.

# 1 Clean and dry the container. You can let go of the lid but if you want to use the one that came with the container, go for it. Be creative as you like.

clean, dry plastic container
clean, dry plastic container w/o the black lid

#2 Grab one of those paper clamps. I used Acco #1 Ideal Clamps.

Acco #1 Ideal Clamps
Acco #1 Ideal Clamps

#3 Put the clamp in place, like in the photo below (front and side view). I didn’t put any glue or adhesive, the clamp looks and feels very secure.

Click on the image for larger view.


#4 Lastly, yarn in!



In action. Streaming shows online and knitting at the same time.

Office Room
In our office room!




Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. – Albert Einstein


Much ❤ ,


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