Dining Decor

Whew! Finally! 🙂

I finished my table runner just a few minutes ago. I took some photos even if it was dark, couldn’t wait any longer. I hope my photos gave justice to the project. But if not, I will try and take more tomorrow. 😉 I will share it in my Instagram account or maybe update this post.

Here’s a closer shot, showing 3 different types of stitches. I so love the border stitch of this pattern.


This is how our dining table looks like now with the table runner.

Our dining area.
Our dining area.

Project details like pattern, yarn and tools used — click here.

And this was me this morning working on my project. I was so determined to get this off my needles before tomorrow. Technically its tomorrow now but whatever. 😀

Sunday early morning coffee! Having a conversation with the husband while he was busy taking photos and I was busy with my knitting. 😉

I will be casting on a new project when I wake up. Watch out for it. For now,

Good night and have a good sleep!


Much ❤ ,




Update 10AM Monday (05.04.2015):

I woke up early and took some more photos.

Daylight photo!
Daylight photo! Close up!



Loving it! 😉

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