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Hello! Happy Monday Morning! I have been actively connecting with other bloggers on the web these past few days to see how I can grow my blog month on month. And I have read many helpful tips from all talented bloggers around the world. One of the things I find interesting is the “swap ad”, meaning you will promote other blogs on your own blog and vice versa. Of course, you will consider blogs that you truly like or matches the type of blog that you have or maybe not? That’s really up to you. For me, I want it to be as relevant as to what my interests are. 🙂

Last week, I met new bloggers and partnered with them in “promote my blog swap ad”. Let’s just call it that way! Hehe. I am very grateful to have met them, not only that my blog is promoted on theirs but I also gained new friends from different parts of this universe which is really nice.

You might want to check what they are up to:

Keeping Up With Ashley & Cody Alanna & Company

If you want me to promote your blog, host a giveaway, or write a review; you can do so here. 😉

Life in General

If you have been an avid reader to my blog, you probably know that I lost my phone last week. Over the weekend we got a call from a private number saying that he bought “my phone” from craigslist and he have some troubles activating it. My phone was bought overseas and is locked to an overseas provider, so it will never work in the US. To make the story short, he was being chatty, he was sharing many of his misfortunes and stories to my husband during the initial contact. And he agreed that we can get the phone back for a few bucks (lesser than how much he paid for it when he bought it). We would never agree to pay $200 to get it back.

Anyway, my husband and I went to downtown PDX yesterday hoping I can get my phone back (insert YAY! face moment 😀 ), I was happy or at least hopeful. But to my dismay he didn’t call back to the time he agreed to call and he didn’t give us a number where we can contact him. Just bad! His stories maybe legit that he got the phone from craigslist for a deal (I wouldn’t say it’s a great deal because it will never work here) or maybe he was the one who found the phone on the bus and didn’t report to the driver. Or worst, he sold it to someone else for a better deal. Who knows, right?

So I guess I just I have to give up. It’s about time for me to get a phone that actually works in the US. 🙂

Hope you have a nice day!

Much ❤ ,


11 thoughts on “Blog Life and Life in General

  1. Sounds to me like that old phone had to go, Guenny, time for a new one that does work where you live now!
    It is great ‘meeting’ like~minded bloggers from all over the globe ~ I have made many on~ line friendships that way. I also take part in a weekly thread called ‘Nurturing Thursday’ which is about sharing positivity ~ I’m sure there are other group activities that would suit your interests too. I find that’s a good way to spread your blog to new people and attract new subscribers. Good luck, you’re doing well! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome! Yeah, getting a new one would be fun and nice. Good thing I always back up photos every month. So I lost this month’s photos only which is not a lot, the month just started. And all social media acct passwords have been updated. 🙂


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