Road Trip Essentials

We are back from our road trip!!! We had a blast! 😀

Actually we arrived last night but I was so tired that I went to sleep right after I had dinner. The husband, I think, was watching TV. Now, I’m in the process of organizing and editing photos to share to all of you but I don’t think I will be able finish it today or even tomorrow. But I will do my best, I promise!

For now, I will share tips on what you should prepare before going on a road trip. I’m glad we did because we didn’t encounter any issues while traveling in the middle of nowhere.

1. Car. The husband is the champ for this. He made sure the car is in good condition, should be, I guess. The car is fairly new and shouldn’t have any issues, right?

2. Reservations. We reserved our “stopover places” and our Santa Monica place. Stopover places are the places we went to just to rest from driving and sleep, so mostly likely overnight stay. Santa Monica was where we were most of our days in California.

3. Medicine. I got myself Dramamine for motion sickness (just in case) and the husband got some caffeine tablets so he doesn’t fall asleep while driving.

4. Clothes. We packed light. It’s summer so we didn’t have to bring so much.

5. Hygiene. We brought travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, cotton buds and lotion. We also got sunscreen, alcohol and wet tissue.

6. Accessories. We both brought our sunglasses and fisherman’s hats. And I brought with me my neck pillow.

7. Food & Drinks. Snacks, energy drink, coffee and water. Totally a must have! Lol.

8. Memory Keeper. Camera, phones, chargers, tripod. Can’t be missed too.


I guess that’s what we really had to prepare before we started our California Road Trip. 😉


Here’s some of our Instagram uploads during the trip…

Road Trip Instagram
#trvltog #California #roadtrip

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