TrvlTog [6.6]: Welcome to Hollywood!!!

Hitting two birds with one stone.

I wanted to see the Hollywood sign and the husband wanted to visit the Griffith Observatory, perfect combo. One of the places where you can best see the Hollywood sign is at Griffith Park, other places, you can check here. The parking was free but limited, so if you are visiting on peak season like summer and weekends: 1. be there early so you can park at the parking lot, or 2. park at the side of the road, then walk to the observatory area. Also, you might want to wear comfy shoes because you will be hill walking (great exercise). 😉

We went straight to Griffith Park right after our breakfast at Malibu Beach.



And let’s not forget some lovebirds and tourist photos. Haha.

The handsome husband!

Then Hollywood Blvd for lunch and the rest of the afternoon. This was the second busiest place we’ve visited in our entire trip.

We had late lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.
While waiting for our turn, at Hard Rock Cafe Store.


And then a lot of walking. Our happy feet…



More photos of our California Road Trip here. 🙂
Happy Monday!





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