Trvltog [6.10] Food Adventure

Our food adventures during our recent 7-day California Road Trip.  I will share some swarm check-ins, food photos and commentaries. 😉

To California and back! 🙂 Are you ready to drool?

First stop was at Medford – NoHo’s Hawaiian Cafe

No photos, I guess the food were so yummy that we immediately grabbed our fork and started eating. I remember I had spicy chicken (I can’t remember the exact name) and the husband had pork teriyaki. The best pork teriyaki I have ever tasted. 😀

Second stop was at the hotel bar – The Garden Bar (Hilton)

We arrived in San Francisco so late that we were so tired and decided to just eat at the bar. I had the regular mac and cheese and the husband had a burger. It was dark so no photos.

Third stop was at Denny’s for breakfast

I had pancakes, bacon and egg. The husband had a burger if I remember it right. My pancakes weren’t good so I didn’t like that.


Fourth stop was Bt’s birthday dinner at Monterey, CA – Sea Harvest Fish Market

I had this, by the way, this was so delicious. And was so fresh!!! Loved it!


And Bt had this, he said it was good too!


Fifth stop was breakfast at Santa Monica – The OP Cafe

The busiest breakfast place in Ocean Park Blvd., food was great and forgot to take a of the hubs food.

Sixth & Ninth stop was at Enterprise Fish Co

I had the Sicilian. The best seafood pasta! Bt had a burger. We actually visited this place twice and I ordered the same food on our second visit and Bt had a different type of burger.

First and Second visit order! 😉
Second visit order.

Seventh stop in Hollywood – Hard Rock Cafe LA

There’s only one thing I will say, where I was born pork ribs serving is only like 1/4 of this photo below.

Food serving here is way too much for a meal, one entire pork slab ribs for me plus fries with cheese and bacon bits.

Eight stop at Downtown Disneyland – ESPN Zone

Because it was NHL Game 6 day and we didn’t want to miss it. So for 3 hours we were here eating and watching!



We had dessert but I forgot to take photos. 😀

Tenth stop was at JOLLIBEE!

Eleventh stop was at Redding for breakfast – Black Bear Diner

I ordered the mini volcano and Bt got the regular volcano meal.

Then our last stop was at Medford – NoHo’s Hawaiian Cafe

This time we ordered the same meal, the pork teriyaki!

We had a happy tummy, now back to normal diet!

Our complete California road trip adventure here. 😉


Have a happy tummy!






On the side note, saw Anne Dudek! She was very pretty. I’m a fan!

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