4th of July Sunset + Fitbit: Healthy Lifestyle

fitbit: start of a healthy lifestyle! 😉

Two consecutive days! Went out for a walk last night for almost an hour and I unlocked another badge. Sweet!

happy hill
Nice! You’ve climbed 10 floors You’re taking yourself to new heights and taking home the first badge—the Happy Hill!

Walk at 8:54PM
Saturday, July 4

2.16 miles | 43:17 min | 20’04” pace


I was able to burn about 200 calories for that exercise. Yay! I am so eager to do this everyday, so wish me luck. And maybe when I start working, I’ll probably be able to get 10,000 steps daily. By the way, that’s my goal.

I also had an opportunity to take a photo of this beautiful sky. Looks so yummy, like a flavored cotton candy. 😀

It was a happy 4th of July, we also celebrated Niall’s birthday at home with cake and poppers.

Let’s go out for another walk later!



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4 thoughts on “4th of July Sunset + Fitbit: Healthy Lifestyle

  1. I love my Fit Bit! I also enjoy walks in the afternoons. Thanks for sharing your pretty ski pics.
    Come over and visit me sometime at Life away from the office chair.


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