Monday WIPS: Cowl Scarf and Placemat

Hello all! I’m almost done with my cowl scarf, I’m very happy with the result. Here’s the link of the beautiful pattern. I enjoyed making this very much as it is so easy. I only have 6 rows to work on. 😉

cowl scarf
For the love of knitting.

A closer look to the stitches.

cowl scarf
Yarn Over and Knit 2 Together

My second pending project is the long overdue placemat #3. I haven’t touch it for a week but I’ll get back to it after the cowl scarf. I may cast on a new one within the week too. I still have to decide what to make next. I will be working very soon so there might be slow progress on my knitting but I’m excited to be back in the business world.


Overall, I love and enjoy knitting. It relaxes me every time.

In case you have not seen my previous post, click here. I have a thank you giveaway for all my loyal readers.


How about you? What are you working on right now? Please share! Happy Monday WIPS!



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