Comfort and Style

Monday OOTD for work. I love flat shoes especially when I walk from the house to the max station. Less stress and soreness on my feet. 🙂 But I didn’t walk today.

Bus stop!

I waited for the bus for 7 minutes. It was sunny and bright but the wind was cooler so it wasn’t bad to stay under the sun waiting for my ride.

Flat shoes!

At the max station waiting for the train, approximately 15 minutes wait time so I had some extra time to tweet and take photos. 😉


Listening to music is what I normally do while on the train and sometimes day dream about traveling the world. 😉 I don’t read in the train, makes me feel dizzy.

Mirror selfie. Work restroom for women.

I don’t wear make up everyday and I seldom comb my hair too. Cool weather means no dry hair for me. I  can’t live without lip balm though. Hehe. Oftentimes I wear lipstick, eye shadow and blush on when I feel like it.

OOTD Style Details: Forever 21 Stripe Button Down Shirt, H&M Inner Mint Top, H&M Skinny Pants, SM Ballet Flats, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

Have a wonderful day!



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