Busy Train

Today the train is very full. All seats are taken and there are a lot of people standing.

I am sitting in one corner and observing what people are doing while traveling.

Started blogging on the go at Providence Park Max Stop:

One man accross me is wearing a black cap, clear sunglasses and putting both arms crossed on top of his belly. He stares at people’s shoes. So, I am not sure what he is up to.

The man sitting right next to me is carrying notebooks, maybe he is a student. He is wearing a glasses while browsing Facebook on his phone.

The two men next to the man sitting right next to me are talking in a different language. I could tell because I couldn’t understand a single word.

Two teenagers in one section are comparing their hair. They are both pretty.

Oh! All of them left at the same max stop, at Pioneer Square.

Now, there are two people sitting right next to me. Both of them are wearing a beanie and a jacket. They must be a couple.

I can hear kids screaming from afar. Like little kids. When I look, they are sitting on the floor and playing.

Four different persons near the door are wearing their headphones and doing something with their phone. Maybe social media. Like what I am doing right now.

I love blogging on the go. It makes time pass by so fast.

I am 2 stops away from my destination so I should go now.

People are starting to hop off the train too so there are lesser people standing. I only see 3 at the moment and not all seats are taken.

Until our next train adventure!!!




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