Planner Update In The Train

Earlier today on my way home, or should I say yesterday? Hmmm… Technically it is already Wednesday morning but I haven’t slept yet so I guess I’ll stick with “earlier”, it is still my Tuesday night anyway. 😉 Hehe.

Before I close my eyes tonight for a goodnight sleep, wanted to share what I was up to today aside from working. My job is easy 90% of the time so there’s nothing really much to talk about. So let’s save that for later or maybe when I find it challenging enough. 😉

Let’s go home!!!

Here’s me at the max station, waiting for my train. It was warm and sunny when I left the office around 530PM.

Loved the weather!!!


When I hopped in the train, it was so empty. It was so different from last week!


First take was not very good, you can’t really see the empty train. Let’s try another one.


How about that? Empty enough? Haha. 😀

Well, the train was only empty for about 3 or 4 stops from where I hopped in. It was fully packed as soon as we reached downtown Portland. But I didn’t mind, I was busy. Hehe.

Since my normal train travel is about 40 mins., I decided to just update my planner. Such a great idea! Yes, I have a smartphone but I still love the idea of writing stuff on paper. Why? Mainly because of

  1. I love the feel of paper and pen.
  2. I remember things more efficiently when I write them on paper. And,
  3. I like my planner a lot.


Who wouldn’t want to use this? Right? I can tell you are nodding. Thanks for agreeing! You are the best! How about some words of wisdom on the comment section below, would love to read some inspiring words. 😉


Don’t forget to enter to my latest giveaway to win your own set of journal and pens.

Good night now!



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