Monday WIPs, The Red Scarf Project

Happy Labor Day America! I am happy that I don’t get to work today.

Long weekend makes me happy too, I get to spend more time with my yarn projects. I am still working on my old 2 projects, you’ve already seen them if stumbled upon last Monday WIP post.

The new one which I casted on last Friday is a red object. I came across this blog that lead me to the Foster Care to Success website. Thanks Susan!!!

I love knitting so I decided to be part of The Red Scarf Project. I still have a few weeks left to be able to donate a few handmade scarves. I wont promise a number of scarves but I’ll make as many as I can. 🙂

Two scarves and a placemat!

cowl scarf

The Red Scarf Project




How about you? What have you been working for this coming cold season?

Don’t forget to enter my latest giveaway, I’m giving away 5 balls of yarn. 


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