With Labor Day last Monday, I know everyone enjoyed their 3-day long weekend off. I’ve read a couple of stories of people’s labor day weekend in the blog universe. It was a great read, such beautiful life stories to share to the world.

For me, I had more than 3 days off from work. Friday, weekend, and supposed to be just until Monday but our building had issues last Tuesday that they had to shutdown the office for the day. I was so happy, a total of 5 days of relaxation time. 😉 Staying at home and doing what I love to do is already one good relaxation for a homebody like me.

So today when I get back to work, I was fully recharged. Was very eager to keep myself busy and work on some OOTDs. Hehe. And also started knitting during my commute time, I’m currently knitting scarves for a cause.

Lunch break at the park, just outside our work building. Having some white grapes.
While waiting for my bus. Black boots and skinny pants + mustard top for my Wednesday OOTD. Details: Payless Boots + H&M Skinny Pants + Bench Top

Double time for The Red Scarf Project. Visit my previous post to know more about this cause.

My new Knit Picks tote bag for my knitting on-the-go essentials. It’s pretty convenient, I like it very much.

I was amuse to see this lovely lady knitting her project too. I would love to see many knitters in the train, knitting! 😉

For the love of knitting! Earlier today, on my way home.

Hoping you had a blast! Good night and see you tomorrow morning.



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