Wins Worth Celebrating, AOS Approved!

#guenbtwins #teamrobotlove

I had my AOS interview about a week ago or should I say we had our AOS interview a week ago. The husband was with me as it was part of the process. We arrived at the Department of Homeland Security in Portland, Oregon around 12:55pm and our appointment was at 1:15pm. The husband and I were waiting for about 30 to 40 mins before our turn. I guess this was the only interview I went to where I wasn’t nervous at all. It was so different with the K1 visa interview. Haha! Could be because the husband was there. 😉

When we were asked to go inside the office of the immigration officer assigned to our case, we swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Then we were asked to present both our valid IDs and I answered a few questions that were in the AOS form (illegal/criminal related questions answerable by yes or no). Next was one or two questions about our wedding, it wasn’t really a question but sort of just confirming what the officer saw in our photos. Then we were asked to present updated joint documents like lease agreement, health insurance and beneficiary documents. And viola, we were approved. 😀

The interview lasted only about 5 mins. or so. And the officer gave me instructions on what I can do now that I am a permanent resident and when I should renew it. It was so quick that we had some extra time:

  1. before the husband’s flight to SFO;
  2. and to celebrate my first day of being a permanent resident in the United States.

Early dinner at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, #guenbtdines #guenbtsmiles #teamrobotlove.

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
It was a rainy day.
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
This is what the husband had.
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
That look!
#guenbtdines together.
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
Our goofy self. Hahaha. My husband is just handsome even if it’s a goofy shot. 😀


Mac and Chicken
One of my favorite mac and cheese! Just YUM! Rock Bottoms Mac and Chicken!!!

My green card is on its way, should arrive in a few weeks. Rest from paperworks in the next 2 years. Woohoooo!




K1 visa timeline here!


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