#guenbtFunFall Connection

Happy First Day of Fall!!!


Been seeing a lot of people and posts lately about fall fashion. I love it! Is starting to get cooler and wearing boots, hoodies, tights and light sweater are just perfect. The city turns to a beautiful scene too, leaves in trees are changing colors and you start seeing smoke when you sing, talk, or even breathe. I love fall! Like a lot. ♡

Since I got back to being an active blogger, I’ve met tons of new friends from around the world and I want to conintue doing so. Thus this new link up I recently finalized. I hope many of you will join the fun.


  • This so easy, all that is needed is a fall fashion related post  to any of these social media – blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  • You can do it everyday, or once a week, or once a month until the season ends.
  • Then include this hashtag in your post so I can easily find it. #guenbtFunFall 

Like this one below —



I will compile your posts weekly, feature you on my blog and link your shops or blogs or social media accounts. If there will be a lot of participants then I will posts more than once a week.

And if we are not friends yet, I will surely check/subscribe on your blog, follow you on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. 😉

Prep all your fall style and let’s have a fun fall connection in the next coming weeks. 😉




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