#guenbtFunFall – Two Weeks of OOTD

Hello dear friends! How have you been? I’ve been out all week last week. I’ve been busy plus not extremely at my best. I needed some time to rest so I did.

Anyway, I’m back and will share my two weeks worth of OOTD. 😉 Fun!


*Click on image to see more of #guenbtFunFall OOTD ideas from Instagram.

OOTD Details:

  1. H&M black skinny pants, Old Navy sweater, Indigo plaid button down shirt, Forever 21 wedge ankle boots.
  2. Arteshop dress, Not Rated tall boots, H&M tights. Accessories: Old Navy boxed Swarovski necklace, Armitron bangle watch.
  3. H&M Khaki pants, Mossimo tall boots, H&M striped top, H&M denim blazer. Messy hair and hair clip.
  4. H&M black pants, Indigo navy blue sweater, Roxy combat boots.
  5. Forever 21 striped button down shirt, H&M cabled sweater, H&M black pants, Not Rated tall boots.
  6. H&M black pants, Forever 21 wedge ankle boots, Alygne plaid button down shirt.
  7. I was wearing a dress but failed to take a photo, so I will pass this one up some other days! 😀
  8. Mossimo tall boots, H&M black pants, Terranova brown sweater, striped wool scarf.
  9. H&M sneakers, Wallflower blue jeans, H&M striped top, H&M tan button down sweater.

I had a coat/jacket the entire time I was outside, I couldn’t go out without one. It’s getting pretty cold in Portland these past weeks. And sometimes I wore gloves in the morning when the temperature drops to 39F and below. Being cold is not fun! Winter is almost here.

How about you? What have you been styling lately? Would love to see some great fall fashion ideas.

Happy Sunday!


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