Trvltog [7]: Detroit Airport in Michigan


Hello lovely readers!!! Just checking in, I haven’t forgotten about you This is a very quick post. How was your Christmas?

We are in Detroit Airport waiting for our flight. Unfortunately, our flight is delayed for like an hour, more idle time at the gate. Ewww! We are not happy flyers. But we can’t wait to be home and be lazy before going back to work.

Detroit Airport

We just had coffee and still feel very sleepy. The husband is about to get his second cup, maybe and my water. I need to drink some Dramamine before our flight. I got air sick when we arrived 3 days ago so for precautionary measures, I will take medicine this time.

Detroit Airport
The husband is in that Starbucks store on the left side.

I like that there’s power stations on every 2 rows of chairs in this airport plus complimentary wifi. Currently, talking to mom on Facebook and blogging. 🙂 I will share the rest of our vacation photos on upcoming posts.

Detroit Airport
Power stations.
Detroit Airport
Not a very busy day which I personally like.

OOTD – Detroit Airport

Before I go, sharing some OOTD photo, details below.

Classy Red


Cobb Hill Red Gradient Boots

Wallflower Jeggings

Old Navy Cream Sweater

Kenneth Cole Navy Blue Coat

The boots and the coat were Christmas presents from the lovely husband, I am very loved and spoiled. 😀

Anyway, we are about to board in few. Got to keep my things together now.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!!!



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